About Us

Electrical Distributor Consulting is a professional consulting firm dedicated to raising the proficiencies and profitabilities of electrical distributors across the nation. Our successful experience in electrical distribution, and our ability to survive and thrive in the struggling Detroit area, has proven us leaders in the industry and has gained us valuable knowledge worthy of sharing. Many consultants have value, but EDC are experts in your field. We also hired consultants to improve our proficiency, but often had to teach them the electrical distribution business in order for them to apply their knowledge.

We can offer you an extra set of eyes; an insight into your business and the areas of which you may struggle with today. You will find our business ethics second to none and we maintain the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. We do not share names of our clients without their approval. Call EDC today!

Our Mission

EDC is a one of a kind consulting firm specific to the leaders of the electrical distribution industry. Our goal is to act as the incoming tide by raising the proficiency and profitability of our clients.

Meet the Team