The Team

Randy Kuchenmeister

Randy Kuchenmeister


A recognized leader in the electrical industry, Randall F. Kuchenmeister has proven success in the most challenging economic conditions and demographic location. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, this former President and CEO of K/E Electric Supply, has more than three decades of experience in the electrical wholesale distribution business. During his leadership, K/E Electric Supply headquartered in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, grew to nearly ten times its size. Randy is an expert in distribution of electrical equipment and is respected by his peers.

Beginning at the very bottom and working his way up, Randy took over the family business in 1988. His visionary sense and his “make it happen” attitude led the way for success. Taking risks and implementing ideas he deemed necessary. His competitive edge proved second to none.

During his leadership at K/E Electric Supply, Randy developed: a pristine outside sales force, the largest and most successful lighting project manager department in the tri-state area, a company brand synonymous with “Powerhouse”, multiple successful branch locations, and trucking logistics. His relationship building skills and lifelong friendships have been leverage for education, benchmarking, peer reviews and professional opinions.

Randy has been a member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors, Young Executives of Today, IMARK Group, Michigan Electrical Contractors Association, National Electrical Contractors Association and Reciprocal Electrical Council Inc. He currently serves on the board of the Salvation Army and is an active member of the Special Olympics of Michigan. He celebrates 29 years of marriage to his lovely wife Susan and is the proud father of two accomplished daughters. He is an outdoorsman and an avid hunter.

In November 2011 Randy successfully sold his business but remains engaged with Electrical Distribution. He is an adviser to a number of distributors east coast to west. As a matter of fact he has clients as far as the middle east.

While assisting the growth of Electrical Distributors is one of his passions, Randy spends most of his efforts working mergers and acquisitions. Again having clients from coast to coast, when the exit strategy for an Electrical Distributor is to outright sell their business, Randy is there from marketing to negotiating and until the sale is complete.

Cheryl Stomps

Cheryl Stomps


Cheryl Stomps has 36 years of experience in the electrical distribution business. Her former position as Vice President and CMO of the very competitive K/E Electric Supply, headquartered in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, has given her a wealth of invaluable experience and knowledge. Serving on the Board of Directors as well as a member of the Steering Committee of K/E Electric Supply, Cheryl was instrumental in guiding the company to outstanding success in difficult economic times in the Detroit region.

As marketing evolved in the electrical industry, this company executive was responsible for successfully implementing promotions, print campaigns, corporate branding, email marketing, social media, community involvement, and special events. Many of these accomplishments proved to be award winning and were recognized by TED magazine, NAED, and the IMARK Group.

Cheryl is a graduate of Patricia Stevens College with a degree in Public Relations. She celebrates 33 years of marriage to her husband Mike and is the proud mother of three sons. Cheryl successfully sold her business in November of 2011.

In her current position as a Consultant for Electrical Distributor Consulting, Cheryl enjoys getting to know and assisting other electrical distributors across the nation. She is a Contributing Writer for tED Magazine including a 7-part column on improving electrical distributor’s proficiency and profitability.