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Accelerate Sales with a Commercial Lighting Department

12 March

Lighting can represent an enormous part of the budget of a new construction or retrofit project. For this reason, finding ways to develop a competitive edge in this product category can be the route toward gaining market share and leveraging customer relationships. As such, electrical distributors can benefit from the expertise of a project lighting and quotations department within their infrastructure.

Without the structure to establish such a department, however, it can end up costing money. Lighting projects are typically very complex and subject to many changes, increasing their risk for errors compared to other types of projects. Without successful management, a lighting job can result in unhappy customers, back charges, and/or pallets of unused items taking up valuable space in the warehouse.

Trained professionals are the answer. Building a team of experts draws a customer following by creating a valuable relationship that is based not only on price, but also on service. In fact, a great lighting project manager will draw business a salesperson might not—and do it without lowering profit margins. An even more effective solution is to partner the sales team with a lighting project manager—doing so can open doors to projects your company was not previously invited to bid on.

Read more about how you can benefit from the addition of an in-house project lighting and quotations department.

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