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CED Acquires Davis Wholesale Electric

03 December
Davis Wholesale Electric

On November 12, 2013, Consolidated Electrical Distributors, based out of Irving, Texas, acquired Davis Wholesale Electric. Davis Wholesale Electric serves the Los Angeles area, with branches in Valencia, Palmdale, and Chatsworth. The headquarters for Davis Wholesale is located in North Hollywood. Davis Wholesale Electric was founded 50 years ago by Irv Davis. Davis’s sons Howard […]

Green Mountain Electric Supply Acquires Two Branches from Allied Electric Supply

01 October
Allied Electrical Supply, Inc.

On September 27, 2013 Green Mountain Electric Supply acquired branches in Oneonta, New York and Watervliet, New York (Albany). This acquisition was orchestrated by Randy Kuchenmeister, president of Electrical Distributor Consulting. Green Mountain adds the two New York locations to their current eight locations. Green Mountain serves markets in the states of Vermont, New Hampshire […]

What To Know Before You Sell – Mergers and Acquisitions Spotlight

12 September
For Sale By Owner - Mergers and Acquisitions

People make a lot of important decisions in a lifetime—from the furthering of education to a career, a place to live, a mate, children…and somewhere along the way, some may even choose to own their own businesses. Not everyone aspires to get into the electrical business. Those whose paths have taken them in that direction […]

Successfully Planning for Succession Planning

25 June
Successful Planning

Bad planning is usually more successful than no planning There are five options that Electrical Distributors usually choose from in succession planning. 1. Do Nothing. This approach is used either when the business owner is “too busy” with daily operations, or feels that they will live forever. Upside: You saved a few thousand dollars on professional fees. […]

Building an “A” Salesperson

16 May
Building an "A" Salesperson

The best salespeople, often referred to as “A” salespeople, are individuals who enjoy selling and maintaining customer relationships, are competitive, and know how to make money for their companies. But where do the best salespeople come from? Sometimes they are stolen from vendors (shameful, but true), customers, and/or competitors. And while these employees some times bring relationships with them—which is appealing […]

Accelerate Sales with a Commercial Lighting Department

12 March

Lighting can represent an enormous part of the budget of a new construction or retrofit project. For this reason, finding ways to develop a competitive edge in this product category can be the route toward gaining market share and leveraging customer relationships. As such, electrical distributors can benefit from the expertise of a project lighting and quotations department within their infrastructure. […]

Electric Vehicle Tax Credits and Roth Conversions for Retirement Plans

11 February
Plug-In Electric

Plug-in Electric 2- and 3-Wheeled Vehicles [IRC §30D(g)] Under prior law, the Electric Vehicle Credit for low-speed vehicles, motorcycles, and 3-wheeled vehicles under IRC section 30 expired for vehicles acquired after 2011. Likewise, the Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit Credit under IRC section 30B(i) expired for conversions made after December 31, 2011. New Law: The new law […]

Accumulated Earnings Tax, S-Corp Built-In Gains Tax, and Work Opportunity Credits

06 February
Accumulated Earnings Tax

Accumulated Earnings Tax (IRC §531) When a C corporation distributes its earnings to shareholders, the shareholders are subject to income tax on the dividends received. Since the corporation has already paid income tax on those earnings, the tax on dividends is considered to be double taxation of the same income (once at the corporation level and […]