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Build a Better Brand

How to Build a Better Brand

26 September

Building and maintaining your company’s brand is arguably one of the most important areas in marketing a business. Check out the September 2012 issue of tED Magazine where EDC Consultant Cheryl Stomps discusses how to identify, grow, and polish your brand. Cheryl discusses everything from top of mind awareness to identifying where your company needs adjusting. There are few business processes more worthwhile than developing brand awareness.

Every business has a brand that characterizes the promise of what the company delivers. That brand is what distinguishes a company from its competition and defines the customer experience. The extent to which a company’s brand is recognized by existing and potential customers and correctly associated with that company and the products it carries is what is defined as brand awareness. There are few business processes more worthwhile than investing time in creating brand awareness. The truth is, the more aware customers are of a company and its brand, the more likely they are to buy from it.

Don’t let [the brand] grow stagnant; it must be continually perfected and polished and the company must consistently deliver what the brand promises.

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