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How Does Your Company Deliver?

How to Improve Your Business Delivery and Shipping Process

13 November

This month’s tED Magazine column from Electrical Distributor Consulting discusses the advantages of improving your delivery process. “With the increased cost of providing delivery services, it’s important that it’s done in a way that is best for business,” writes EDC’s Cheryl Stomps. Everything from the first impression to driving the right size truck can impact your business on and off the road.

The detailed coordination of delivery service is very complex and involves many people, facilities, and supplies. It’s a business within a business, an added value, and an opportunity to stand apart from the competition and serve customers with excellence. Delivery service saves customers a lot of time (and time is money) and inconvenience, but only if it proves to be consistent, prompt, and precise.

Cheryl goes on to discuss a checklist that can help ensure your company is making a good impression through the delivery process, including:

  • Get an aesthetic advantage
  • Drive the right size
  • Put the best faces forward
  • Get it right the first time

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