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Counter Culture

How to Improve Your “Counter Culture”

11 September

The counter areas of electrical distributors are the meeting point for your customers as well as where many first impressions are made. While quality point of purchase displays and simple housekeeping are both the obvious necessities, does your “Counter Culture” appeal to your customers? Image can be everything, especially if it doesn’t appeal to your clientele. Read the excerpt below from the August 2012 issue of tED Magazine on what I did to transform my electrical distributor’s “counter culture” and how you can, too.

There is also the issue of targeting the company’s image: If the clientele is of a certain age and demographic, then the counter area—and the people running it—should appeal to it.

Randy Kuchenmeister of Electrical Distributor Consulting ( offers this anecdote: “I’m 49 years old. One day, I walked down to my counter and realized that I was no longer cool. The crosssection of guys who were coming in and buying material were younger than I am. For me to go out there and play my music and display things that I thought were cool no longer made sense—these guys really didn’t care much about Pink Floyd posters,” he said. He started looking around at the places that were successfully marketing themselves to his customers. “These guys, who are generally young—where do they shop? They buy their clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch. They go to swankier bars than I would go to. We started letting the counter people—who were around their age anyway—play their music. We told them, ‘Play what you guys listen to. Keep it low enough that you can talk on the phone, but loud enough so that the customers can hear it.’

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