Building an A-Salesman

Often outside sales is the next logical step for one of our best inside salesmen. If we want A-players representing our company, we need to be very intentional in setting them up for success.  Let’s take the time to strategically BUILD that employee so that they become a winner on the OUTSIDE.  If you take the time to do it right, you will create a long term employee that will ring your register for years to come.

Read more from EDC in tED Mag:

As  Seen in tED Magazine

The best salespeople, often referred to as “A” salespeople, are individuals who enjoy selling and maintaining customer relationships, are competitive, and know how to make money for their companies.

But where do the best salespeople come from? Sometimes they are stolen from vendors (shameful, but true), customers, and/or competitors. And while these employees some times bring relationships with them—which is appealing at first glance—more often than not the fact remains that if…

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