Commercial Lighting Department

If you have one or know that you need one, we can help. One of our biggest success stories was lighting. We can raise your proficiency and profitability levels in lighting.  We started with nothing, zero, zilch, but became one of the largest and definitely most desired lighting project managers in the region.  Mistakes, lack of attention, delays, knowledge gaps and compensation all cost money. Don’t make the mistake of doing lighting without making money at it. Utilize our experience to save you years of the “school of hard knocks” and make your Lighting Department the top in the area, and the envy of your competition.

Read more from EDC in tED Mag:

As  Seen in tED Magazine

Lighting can represent an enormous part of the budget of a new construction or retrofit project. For this reason, finding ways to develop a competitive edge in this product category can be the route toward gaining market share and leveraging customer relationships. As such, electrical distributors can benefit from the expertise of a project lighting and quotations department within their infrastructure.

Without the structure to establish such a department, however, it can end up costing money. Lighting projects are typically very complex and subject to many changes, increasing their risk for errors compared to other types of…

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