Mergers and Acquisitions

If your timetable for selling your business or retiring falls in the next five years, this is a good time to start planning. Maximizing your final proceeds is a 50/50 deal. You control many of the aspects, but the economy and government controls as much. It is our experience that spending a year in preparation of acquisition activity may increase your proceeds by as much as twenty percent. Preparing your personal “financial house” for the taxable event can also save on tax exposure.

For several years potential sellers had been on the sidelines. Today, most distributors have returned to stable and profitable businesses. Seeking their own stability, buyers had had to lower their valuations. Now is the time and here are some reasons you should get started right away.


  • Most buyers have returned to profitable/healthy balance sheets
  • Banks are loaning large business money at record low rate
  • Tax breaks for investing in their businesses may not last much longer
  • Positive direction in the economy is eminent
  • Lack of good solid businesses for sale in the past few years


  • Return of business profitability
  • Market trends show a rising multiple on EBITDA
  • A bit tired of just weathering the storm
  • Desire to move on with your life

What every distributor wants to avoid, is paying outrageous fees. The typical M & A broker will charge five to ten percent for your transaction, after you cover his costs. M & A brokers will market your distributorship to private equity groups and other financial buyers. The motivation for these buyers is to purchase businesses below market value and resell within five years to a strategic buyer. Fees and the right price are important, but even more important to your deal, is confidentiality!

We are ex-Electrical Distributors that can help you avoid costly mistakes. We will work with you through the planning, marketing, and closing of your transaction. We have relationships with more than two dozen strategic acquiring companies that are actively seeking. One of these strategic acquirers may be the right one for you. Contact us and we will work with you until the deal is right for you!

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What Our Clients Say:

I want to thank you for all of your assistance with the Warren acquisition last month.  Jerry was naturally anxious through the process and as could be expected there were a couple of bumps in the road.  I thought you did a great job of helping mediate the process and constantly looking out for the compromise that was in the interest of both parties.  You were a pleasure to work with.
I look forward to working with you in the future.

I am writing in reference to my recent business experiences with Randy Kuchenmeister, the owner of Electrical Distributor Consulting.  In the spring of 2012, I replied to his open letter of opportunity to use his consulting for the betterment of my business with curiosity of his recent past as much as his long career in the Electrical supply and lighting business.  Randy had recently sold his ownership of a family owned electrical distributorship much larger than mine, and I was approaching the negotiation stage of selling my business with several interested parties.

My thoughts from the initial phone call went from “pick his brain”, to possibly using his services as a long distance consultant, to committing to a one day visit.  Randy followed up a couple of weeks later, and that is when I decided for the on site visit option.  We spent one full day together visiting multiple locations and discussing all the possibilities and my wants for myself and my employees.

Summarizing our discussions, Randy offered more possible sales contacts, ways to improve our lighting sales department, and it was becoming evident to me that Randy could be more that a backstage assistant in my business sale, but a great ambassador and deal maker to bring me together with an appropriate business acquirer.

At all times I have found Randy to be personable, an excellent communicator,  reliable, hard working, conscientious, down to earth, and honest with me.  His abilities always met the needs to deal with all of the unique challenges and opportunities that came up in the process.  I could continue to say lots more good things about Randy, but the truth is that where it really counted in a lasting way was the deal.  The final results brought about from the negotiating process exceeded my expectations.

I can only imagine that Electrical Distributor Consulting and Randy Kuchenmeister  would be an asset to any ongoing supplier or one who has seen the opportunities of selling to be the path to pursue.  He has my highest recommendation.  If you might have any further questions regarding my experiences with Randy please feel free to contact me.

Jerry Nudi

Letter of recommendation Warren

January 10, 2014

To whom this may concern,

I highly recommend Randy Kuchenmeister as a person who understands the electrical industry and has the skills and experience to successfully market and sell an electrical distributorship. Randy marketed Davis Wholesale Electric Inc. beginning in November 2012 and ultimately sold our company successfully to CED Inc. in November 2013. He guided us through the process from beginning until the end. He was there with us throughout the process; he gave us professional help and advice. For example, he advised us in regard to the many details concerning how to prepare our inventory, a crucial aspect of the sale.  He was always just a phone call away, even with the time difference between Detroit and Los Angeles. He was on site, in the warehouse, everywhere he was needed during the final inventory. He was always able to answer our many questions on how to prepare to sell, how to market the company, and finally the sales strategies and processes. I was impressed with his negotiation skills and his ability to be flexible and adapt during the ups and downs of the process. His own experiences in his successful electrical distributorship were important in his understanding of the complexities of the electrical market and industry.

I am open to calls from anyone considering using Randy’s services.

Howard Davis

Letter of recommendation Davis