Outside Sales Force

Are they a force?  Through the last 5 years our outside sales staff had their lives turned upside down.  Did I mention they were competing in the Detroit market? If you are trying to manage a sales force, you likely will benefit from an extra set of eyes and some peer review.   Let us see if they are properly paid, trained, are productive, and have a good mix of accounts. This is probably the quickest return on your money you could get with any consulting session.

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As Seen in tED Magazine

Not everyone sees the value in an outside sales force, but many see it as synonymous with “service.”

An outside sales force is a valuable thing. Potential—or even existing—customers aren’t always going to seek out a company. To get customers’ attention, salespeople have to go and talk to them. This doesn’t mean getting in the customer’s way or being pushy. It doesn’t mean showing up unannounced with a box of bagels, hanging out with the receptionist, and talking about the weather. It means being strategic—being in the right place at the right time, whether it’s at a customer’s air…

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