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Some of our vendors can do a good job helping us out here.  The problem is they are good at their products, not the entire basket of material we sell. As electrical distributors we have been slow to change and have lost business to the big box and online competitors.  I have been in ED’s where you really didn’t know if anything was for sale.  We have designed and maintained many “front rooms” and have a good idea how to move material.  Let us help you make money on the “other side of the counter.”

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There is also the issue of targeting the company’s image: If the clientele is of a certain age and demographic, then the counter area—and the people running it—should appeal to it.

Randy Kuchenmeister of Electrical Distributor Consulting offers this anecdote: “I’m 49 years old. One day, I walked down to my counter and realized that I was no longer cool. The crosssection of guys who were coming in and buying material were younger than I am. For me to go out there and play my music and display things that I thought were…

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