Things You Should Know Before You Sell

There are many aspects of the “sale” of your business that you will need help with. Before you go to market, let us talk to you and save you some heart (and wallet) ache.  Do not let the buyer or an M&A guy teach you how to sell it, and what it is worth.  Both of the former have their own agenda.  We have only your best interest in mind. This isn’t a “masters” program, but someone taught you the business before you mastered it, let us just give you a little advice before you go to market!

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As Seen in tED Magazine

People make a lot of important decisions in a lifetime—from the furthering of education to a career, a place to live, a mate, children…and somewhere along the way, some may even choose to own their own businesses.

Not everyone aspires to get into the electrical business. Those whose paths have taken them in that direction quickly learn what an exciting and rewarding experience it can be. On top of that, those who have been fortunate enough to have ownership in electrical distribution know that there are…

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